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Your donation to the Averoff Museum paves the way for thousands of visitors to experience an important museum of Neohellenic art. At the same time, it contributes to regional cultural development, thereby continuing the tradition of beneficence established by its founder and the great benefactors of Metsovo.

The Averoff Museum looks to its friends, private individuals, organizations, foundations, etc in order to:

  • augment its collections
  • organize temporary exhibitions and scientific conferences
  • publish catalogues and monographs
  • continue to operate its educational programs

Through your invaluable subscription, you enabling the Museum to operation according to state-of-the-art museological standards. You are helping support its events and programs, the aim of which is to ensure all citizens equal access to culture. You are also assisting in the expansion of art-historical research, the dissemination of knowledge, and in the promotion and advancement of Greek art and Greek culture in general.

For further information and inquiries, please contact Ms. Betty Karatza at the Foundation offices in Athens, tel. 210-67 78 244.
Send written correspondence to:
59 Marathonodromon Avenue
154 52 Athens, Greece


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